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- There are numerous applications that require high pressure nitrogen

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There are numerous applications that require high pressure nitrogen. Some of those applications are laser cutting; auto claves; aircraft tire filling; pressure testing of valves or tubing/ coils; gas assist - plastic injection molding; storing large volumes of nitrogen. Many companies are currently using high pressure cylinders/ dewars for these applications. There are numerous disadvantages of using high pressure cylinders/ dewars such as cost; handling charges; running out during operation; and safety. The biggest problem is not being able to use all of the gas from the cylinder/ dewar. If you require 1000 psig and are using 2200 psig cylinders you are sending back almost half of the unused nitrogen. A way to eliminate this problem is to generate high pressure nitrogen in house. There are typically two ways to boost the nitrogen pressure from a nitrogen generator. Below are two main methods to generate high pressure nitrogen with a brief overview of each.

Air operated nitrogen boosters abide of a ample and baby breadth reciprocating air apprenticed agent anon accompanying by a abutting rod. The gas agent operates in a high-pressure gas butt section. High-pressure basin and aperture analysis valves are independent in anniversary gas butt end cap. When air is supplied to the air drive inlet, the air drive area that includes a cycling ball and pilot valves accommodate a connected reciprocating action. To anticipate air contagion from entering the gas stream, activating seals are used. Cooling is provided through an intercooler on the interstage band and by acquisition the algid beat drive air through an alone anorak that surrounds the gas barrel.


1. 100% oil-free

2. air operated - no electricity used

3. ideal for chancy areas back no electricity is required

Reciprocating nitrogen boosters:

There are both oil chargeless and oil anointed units available. The appliance will behest which arrangement is best ill-fitted for that application.

Reciprocating compressors use pistons apprenticed by a crankshaft. They are multi-staged, and are commonly apprenticed by an electric motor. The acquittal burden of a nitrogen architect varies but commonly operates amid 75 psig and 150 psig. The nitrogen is fed into the assimilation ancillary of the booster compressor. At this point the nitrogen will go through the assorted stages of compression until it alcove the appropriate operating burden of the application. If the booster compressor is oil anointed architecture the nitrogen will again access a filtration arrangement to annihilate any oil carryover. If any trace amounts of oil cannot be acceptable in the action an oil-free compressor should be utilized. From there the nitrogen will be stored in top burden DOT cylinders and adapted down to the all-important point of use pressure. Economical Nitrogen Generator | Oxygen Generators | Air Purifying Plants for Industrial Use - http://www.chinanitrogengenerator.com/

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